Rambulan National Stag Derby

Honor Roll of Champions

Rambulan-2 8-Stag Derby 2011
SJC CBGF-MAR: Cecillano Bros - 8pts
AGUSAN D - E FARM TALACOGON: Engr. Ednilan - 8pts
SJC P-N: Pepito Ngo - 8pts
PAMPANGA MARGA - 1: Mario Garia - 8pts
DAVAO CLOYD 2: Angelo Millores - 8pts
DAVAO JF - TACUNAN DAVAO: Danny Yap / Jaime Lao - 8pts
LA UNION MACKING: Arch. Rolly Bautista - 8pts
SJC SWABE & RAFFY: Ditchella Bros / Raffy Yulo - 8pts


Rambulan-1 7-Stag Derby 2011
PT GAS / RS: Rigor Sepacio / Victor Francisco - 7pts
DT Bundo: Jimmy Alcantara / Lucio Eufre - 7pts


Rambulan-2 9-Stag Derby 2010
APT Farm Iriga: Atty. Aldo Turiano - 9pts

Rambulan-1 7-Stag Derby 2010
Boy Taiwan Winline BTGS: Vic Mariano - 7pts
SJC TM Boss: Tol Mariano - 7pts
June and Demy: Konsehal Demy - 7pts


National 9-Stag Derby 2009
3K Hapit Na: Frankie Koppin (GBANO) - 9pts
LPB Farm: Atty. Balena (Cavite) - 9pts

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